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Previously leased tanks then bought don't show on carousel

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Hi, one year ago or so I got a 10 days try of Skorpion G, may be from Twitch.


Roughly one month ago I bought it, and from then on it never shows on carousel, crossing all the updates of aslain and Wot until 1.18.


I opened a ticket to wargaming and after investigation they stated: the tank is there and in correct state, the prob is mods.


And yes, removing mods my Skorpion is right where it should be in the carousel.


In the meanwhile I found two workarounds to pick the tank for fighting: going to the warehouse and searchin it for name; applying the carousel filter "Show reserve" that hides all tanks but reserve.


The attached pictures show: with filter: you see ONLY Skorpion G; without filter: you see all the 107/120 tanks.


Is this issue caused by your mod because it was previously a leased one?


TIA, DajeRoma


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