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Wrong dead players in list and very buggy chat

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You can't trust the player list, chat and mini map: (Aslains_WoT_Modpack_Installer_v.


  • dead players counter is wrong (e.g. I was already dead on the Screenshot)
  • at some point no chat messages are possible to write
  • wrong current WN8 in game
  • positions of spotted enemy players are not updated on minimap
  • no return to the garage possible (not always)


Screenshot: https://ibb.co/sv3Csdq

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  • Administrator
43 minutes ago, DevilLordAT said:

Thx for your intensive testing. Will try to fix the issues on my PC.

I didn't see any traces of it in your logs, but there is small chance that what you experience was from the fact that you are installing a certain number of the wn8 mods, those mods often rely on the XVM server, when the server is experiencing issues (maybe at the time when your poroblems occured), it may cause problems regarding such mods, and temporary broken mods may have various impact on the game, so maybe your problems was from that.

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i also played a few games yesterday and could not create it.
must mention i never seen something like in the pz 4/5 replay before. even when i remove all mods the replay is acting up the same way.

since it is the minimap/playerpanel i expect xvm causing some issues for you, but that would not explain why the replay is still the same when removing it.

in short: i have no clue at all, no errors in python, not able to recreate myself....

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I have to revise my statement that with other mods I have not the same issues:


e.g. Oldskool Promod 10 min ago => exactly the same issues (after a complete new fresh installation of WoT & Promod). So it must

be a general XVM issue, but I'm really not sure what is the real problem. (with Vanilla, no issues)

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