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I've been using auto-aim (without the highlighting feature), like no tomorrow, with 4.3.8 yesterday.

Had no crashes in about ~100 games.

Still small sample size but I don't think the mod itself is faulty; maybe in combination with other mods though.


Only crash I had, was when I added Allied Silouhettes.



Not sure if it's related but I also experienced 2 issues that could originate from auto-aim or crosshair mod.

One is, when I still had the crosshair in garage, after the battle ended.


The other is, that the mouse pointer didn't move anymore (it's possible that I did the final killshot with auto-aim and the battle ended right after).

I was only able to move the pointer, when holding down the left mouse button - went away after restarting the game though.


These 2 only appeared once in that sample size. So, not really easy to reproduce, I assume.

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