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Battle timer mod bug - some tanks don't display armor calculation

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I am not sure if this is a bug or not but, for example, my Pershing used to have armor calculation in 9.6 and KV-1 did not.


It is the little blue thing here:



I sold KV-1 and, after 9.7 came out, pershing does not have it. I tried applying even only MeltyMap's mod on vanilla WoT and it still didn't work. Deleted WoT cache, everything, but it does not work.


Does anybody have idea how to fix this?



I don't know where to ask else, so please don't mind. It IS part of Aslain's mod pack after all



I found this on the author's website:

In order to display Effective armor calculation Vehicles have to be programmed in VehicleData section of MeltyMap's Protractor Mod
configuration file, "name" must have same vehicle name as the tank icon name.
Refer to included Vehicle_Names.txt file or comments in bellow of config file.


How can I find the tank icon name? if I understand correctly, i have to edit a line in "MeltyMapProtractorSetting.xml"

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Thanks for all the tips. I have seen now that the pershing is entered correctly in MeltyMapsProtractorSettings.xml but it does not work.The problem lies elsewhere. I guess I can live with it.

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That did the trick! Thanks!


I didn't rename the usa_Pershing, I added a new line so it looks like this:


<vehicle side="76" arc="52" front="102" name="usa_Pershing"/>

<vehicle side="76" arc="52" front="102" name="usa_A35_Pershing"/>


I actually did see an icon with that name, but, for whatever reason, I decided in my mind it probably wouldn't work. Sometimes you just need a push from someone else :)


I will make a list in here of all the vehicles that need to be fixed in similar fashion. Anyone can check this by using the mod in spectator mode.


1. Pershing

2. T37

3. T-54 Mod. 1

4. Firefly

5. AMX 30

6. Obj. 704

7. Pz. III

8. T-34

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I will try and take care of that. First I have to gather which tanks are missing the Armor Calculation(by spectating them in game, or if someone knows a better way?) and than I will fix them.


It will take time but I will work on it.

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Holy moly, I just found out instructions on how to get the armor calculation data for tanks that weren't "programmed in".... and they're hefty


I do not see myself actively going to look for these for every tank that is not in the "MeltyMapProtractorSetting.xml" file, but as time goes by I might try to fit in one by one. For start I will collect the list of tanks that I notice don't have armor calculation implemented.

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