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audio folder in res_mods\0.9.7

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Hi Aslain,


why is there an audio folder in res_mods\0.9.7 ?


here is the content:

I guess your installer is supposed to copy all the content of res\audio to res_mods when installed directly in the WoT folder but I usually install the mod on a separate folder and then I copy it to my WoT folder.
Each time I have to move the audio folder to "res", otherwise I don't get any sound.
I proceed like this in order to be able to control what is copied over my WoT files, instead of letting the installer breaking anything (I agree you are pretty good :) and chances are very thin that the installer mess up the game files but still...).


Any chance to keep the audio files in "res" when installed in a separate folder ?


Thanks :)



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The files in res > audio are original game files.


The way it works with the installer is, that these original files get copied into the res_mods directory and then mods are applied there as well.

This way, the original files are never touched, but only the copys of them.


Also, the game uses res_mods > audio as the primary source for the ingame sounds, if the folder is present.

If you only put 2 files into that folder, then the game only knows these 2 files for sounds (which is why you have to copy all the original files into this folder as well - in order to have all sounds).


That's how you should do it, if you don't want to permanently modify your original files (unless you make backups of them).


The upside to this is, that you only have to clear out the res_mods folder (and create or leave a folder named as the current version of WoT - 0.9.7), in order to get rid of all the mods and make your game vanilla again.

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I guess I'll change my routine to add this step (copy res\audio to res_mods\0.9.7\audio) after sweeping my res_mod folder and before installing the mods :)



on an additional note, if the installer is not intended to alter original files, why does he create files in res\audio then ?



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Well, those files aren't original game files, afaik.

Adding such files, that have nothing to do with the game files, don't do much, if there are no scripts (mods) that utilize them.

It won't hurt the game, as the game doesn't know what to do with these files, when you don't use mods who do know what to do with them.


And what Grandorf said.


It's not clean but was easier for people, than copying all the audio files all the time.

Plus, it doesn't hurt any original files anyway.

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