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Highlight New Mods To Installer

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Want to start off by saying a massive thank you for everything you do and how you always stay on top of all the updates/new mods!


That being said I would love to see a *New* or a Highlighted method for all the new mods you've added to the installer. 


Would make for checking if you've added anything new. 


In addition maybe even a "Most Popular" Highlight to see what everyone else is using? (Have the installer upload your Selections to your server to cross check what others are choosing?)


Thank you again and keep up the amazing work!!

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This information is listed in the changelog, which you click past before you get to the mod list itself.

(Adding a highlight on the list, to my understanding, would add extra workload to Aslain, as he would have to manually color them, and remove it again for the next update.. and what about people skipping at least one version, they won't have the highlight then..)

And there's the changelog here on the website as well.


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