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I have tried 3x to install this modpack "WITHOUT" Minimap ZOOM. Seems something is buggy or broke. I checked all 3 times that i do not have it checked. Still it is there bugging me. To me it's a annoyance feature ( IMO ) . Is there something I am doing wrong? I have enabled all the map features " BUT" Disabled MiniMap ZOOM Feature. Is this a BUG for anyone else? I have tried multiple times to delete all ASLAINS Mods in the World of tanks folder to start from scratch and then redownload again and again and again. Attempted to try Another modpack if i cannot find answers/help.

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Also i looked around in in-game options and disabled everything that has to do with map , problems still isn't solved why it's enabled while i " didn't choose" (enable) the option..


Didn't happen with the 4.4.1_98.exe . I guess each modpack is a hit or miss with this bug cause sometimes it happens / sometimes it doesn't. Most of the time i just disable everything that has to do with maps.

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No need to get so upset, its not a gamebreaker.


Open hotkeys.xc and find this line, change it to false.


    // Minimap zooming.
    "minimapZoom":         { "enabled": false, "keyCode": 29, "onHold": true },
If something broke you can open minimap.xc and change both settings 
in this line.
    "zoom": { "centered": true, "pixelsBack": 160 }
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I understand and it's not a game breaker , just annoying is all. Sorry if i made it sound like i am upset i truly am not it's just me. I scare people off by always sounding which i am not though.


Also where is Hotkeys.xc sir?


Okay after finding it this is what the Hotkeys.xc folder looks like 




  "hotkeys": {
    // keycodes below.
    // onHold: false - take action by key click. true - while key is remains pressed.
    // Minimap zooming.
    "minimapZoom":         { "enabled": false, "keyCode": 29, "onHold": true },
    // Alternative minimap mode.
    "minimapAltMode":      { "enabled": false, "keyCode": 56, "onHold": true },
    // Alternative "ears" (players panels) mode.
    "playersPanelAltMode": { "enabled": false, "keyCode": 56, "onHold": true }
Still the mini-map zoom is persistant in sticking around when it's no suppose to
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ok gotcha , at least this is known for some time now. So best bet is not to use the mod for right now if i don't want the mini-map zoom? Since their isn't a way to disable it like the above poster posted about it.

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