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No damage indicator

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I have installed the modpack 3 times now and continue to have this problem. My damage indicator is not showing up. The one that shows how much damage I have done. When I hit somebody in the game, there is no log of it. Attached is the Aslain_logs as well as screenshots of what I have selected during the install. If there is more info needed, let me know. Thanks.




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Ah, you were talking about hitlog/damage log, and not damage indicators.. the damage indicators is the marker that shows up and points towards where you got shot from :)


In the log files, you don't have the option selected, that you have in the screenshot. Could you double check that you ran the installer with the hitlog actually selected? :)

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I reinstalled it. I did not notice that the damage panel I had also had a built in hitlog. I dont know where it was because I never saw it. I switched back to the original 9.8 damage panel and my hitlog was back. Thanks for helping me solve my issue. 

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