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Malware found in Installer

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After trying (and failing) to install the WoWS 0.3.7 mod pack owing to Chrome blocking the download, I eventually managed to get it and ran the file through virustotal.


This is the result I got.




Now this could be a false positive, but seeing as both Chrome and Internet Explorer alerted me, I had to find out.


So tell me people, have you had malware problems?

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Think I found the answer. Under Settings, choose Advanced Settings, and then under Privacy there is a box checked for 'Enable Phishing and Malware Protection." Uncheck that box, then do a fresh download. It'll still give you a warning, but you now have a "Keep" option that allows you to proceed.

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The option to restore it, without removing the protection, is pressing Ctrl+J by default, which opens the download manager. In there, you can recover it :)




gg Chrome you scrub!


@Aslain have you tried  reporting the false-positive to Google devs? They will typically respond quickly to these sort of easy fixes. 

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Didn't think about that part, hehe.


The first link has some information on how to prevent the installer from getting flagged though, things like "silent install" and what not.


If they do a site-case and not file-case, then it'll be tough to get them to stop flagging something from mediafire for example.

(Yet it doesn't flag from some of the other links.. so it's something related to mediafire in the end, probably, Google being more on their case, if they're used often as malware hosts)

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