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Request - Play sounds in the installer during "preview" mode

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I know a few other modpacks have this feature - essentially, when you go into "Preview" mode in the installer, for any sound mods, you will hear a preview of the sound. That way you'll be able to know what the 6th sense sounds, crew voices, gun sounds, etc. sound like before you install them.


It would be very a convenient feature to have, if it's possible to add into the installer.

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When we are into sounds, this is a good idea.




Here is one for the community:


If anybody could remake or redo an inbuilt radio so you could 

load and listen to mp3 playlists or internet radiochannels would be 

AWESOME. Using VLC at the moment but cant access it 

in hangar.


The original:




Ugly and VERY russian.

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