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Lag in Artillery View

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I know, I know, nobody likes it when artillery is played. However, it's sometimes fun to climb inside one and nuke some tanks in order to avenge your million deaths due to rediculous artillery shots. However, since the latest WOT patch, whenever I am in artillery mode, the gun constraints of my SPG lag. Turning left and right with the keyboard won't respond for a couple seconds, then slowly moves and goes WAY past where it is supposed to. It is making it really difficult to aim ahead of players when they are moving quickly towards one of the gun constraints. I can still move the reticle around fine, it responds normally. It's just the gun contraints (the cone/gun limits of angle) that lag behind.


I have tried different reticles (i.e. Meltymath, Deegie's etc.), those aren't the issue. I am thinking that it may be the "Artillery crosshair on minimap" mod (the one that allows you to have a certain crosshair display on the minimap), but I have not had much time to try experimenting with mods to solve the problem.


Is anyone else having this issue?



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