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No info displayed over tanks

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Good evening.  I installed Aslain's mod this morning, and have a problem where no information is displayed over enemy tanks.  No name, tier, WIN8, efficiency, etc.  This applies to both friendly and enemy tanks.


Here's a picture of the problem in question.




Attached are the Python and Aslain's Install logs.

*EDIT* Sorry guys, just noticed my dumb ass didn't post the correct log.








Did a bit of poking around in XVM config files to see if there was anything amiss, nothing out of the ordinary as far as I could tell.  


To continue troubleshooting:

1. Uninstalled Aslain's Mod Pack (9.13.2)

2. Deleted res-mods folder

3. Performed file integrity check, came back 100% no downloads required. 

4. Deleted Aslain's install exe, re-downloaded, and performed install.

5. Problem remains, no change.


Just for shits and giggles, performed steps 1-3 again, but this time installed OMC Modpack.  PROBLEM NO LONGER EXISTS.


Proof Pic #1



Proof Pic #2



I really have no idea what was causing the problem, but it looks like I'll have to keep teaching myself how to read and edit XVM config files to find the root of the problem. For now, I'll have to go with OMC as a backup until I can figure it out.


Thanks to all who contributed, any additional troubleshooting tips would be very welcome. 


o> 0minous (NA server)

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Thank you for the response, Aslain.  I'm currently running Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit.  

Checking for fonts, will report results.




Have Arial black, bold, italic, bold italic, narrow, regular.

Have Calibri bold, italic, regular. 


Reinstalling Aslain's Mod Pack.


Also, if the font problems persists, where can I change it so it uses a different common font, such as Courier, or Times New Roman?


Thank you.

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Looks like everything is working normally now.




If I had to guess, I would say it was a font that was not properly installed.  I went ahead and reinstalled the 6 Arial fonts and 3 Calibri fonts stated in my previous post, and that seems to have fixed it. 


Thank you, Quaken and Aslain for your help.  Keep up the good work.




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