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New sound engine and what it means for mods?

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Was thinking what is going to happen to the sixth sense sounds in the up coming patch? Do you think they will still be possible with the new sound engine in the game? Not a fan of the new sixth sounds WG has in test.


And I guess Gnomefathers and the other gun sounds will be going the way of the dinosaurs WOOT. Cant wait for that honestly Buggy ass Gnomefathers sounds are a pain, as they sound good but come with to much baggage. 


Is there any solid info yet?



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Thank god 6'th sense sound is included in WoT now...

Not just that.. but also ammo rack, etc :D


Implemented the sound for the Sixth Sense "bulb".
Implemented the sound notifications about damaged modules (observation device, turret, fuel tanks, radio, ammo rack).
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