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New rumor about WOT mods policy

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I have noticed on some fb pages and various sources that from april 1 2016 all mods outside WG WOT will be treated as illegal, and that if you want to use some modes you will need to buy them from WG, otherwise they will suspend your acc, reset gold, silver, exp, tanks and stuff.  I would also like to know if the battle assistant SPG and OTM Reloads are considered illegal at the moment. I use only tank carusels, session stats ( whitch doesn't work for team battles :( )and quicky baby's XVM who has BA SPG. Thank you for your answers

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Let's hope it's not truth.


Funny how people thinks that QuickBaby's XVM is his huge work, while it's is almost a default XVM config with enabled few stats here and there. Also so called Quickbaby's modpack is something like 5 mods packed up together with XVM. Why people are so crazy about it? :)

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Battle Assistant ? If you play on EU, you never know :( They will not tell you if this mod is illegal even if you ask, but they still can ban you if you post videos with.


The BA has won a mod contest of the best mod on WG-RU forums, but again, if you play on EU, you will never know. Because of stupid rules they invented.

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and otm reloads? i guess it is cause it gives you advantage to see when will enemy shoot


Well, it probably gives unfair adventage, mostly all ammo clip tanks suffers from this mod, because people knows when to attack them safely. The same for very long reload tanks.

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