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game crashing at initialization

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With the modpack installed, it only works in safe mode. Problem started after updating to 5.4.1.

As game opens, and the loading screen appears, it freezes, As it opens an error window.

Didnt find any python file in the game folder. Also coundn't print the error screen for some reason, so i had to take a photo.

Edit: User Quaksen instructed me on where to find the pytohn log, so I uploaded it




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had same thing happening, then disabled smoke screen boundaries, the 3rd last checkbox I think, and it loaded up fine, well, the zeiss harbor bug is still there too .. so I'll disable that next

Well, you are right! removed that and the game opened just fine! Thank you.

Smoke boundaries is one of my favorite mods, though, so I hope Aslain fiz it!

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