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ModSettingsAPIUpdater crash

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So, after closing the game a few minutes ago, I cannot reopen it.

It's stopping on the "Loading, please wait" screen.

(Was using 3.9.10 when it did it, clean installed 3.9.10v1 and it still happens)

[ModSettingsAPIUpdaterInstance] crashed
<type 'exceptions.ValueError'>
unknown url type: ?userid=-1
  File "python\scripts\client\gui\scaleform\daapi\view\lobby\settings\ModSettingsAPIUpdater.py", line 44, in checkForUpdates
  File "scripts/common/Lib/urllib2.py", line 126, in urlopen
  File "scripts/common/Lib/urllib2.py", line 392, in open
  File "scripts/common/Lib/urllib2.py", line 254, in get_type

Edit: It loaded now, but I'll leave the post to find out what was up

As an added note, in Settings / Mods tab, it says "vundefined" instead of the version number



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Ah, yeah - Multined Tank Carousel used that - but I switched to the better XVM Carousel :)


Wait for what XVM carousel can do, this is only beginning :) Wait for extra info that can be displayed there.


I am not going to use Multilines Tank Carousel anymore.

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