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Maybe a bug not sure with installer

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Hello to all,


  I currently have mod pack (Note a big Thank you to Aslain and the other modders out there) My issue is with the Mods that are greyed out how do you deselect them. There is an issue with the improved chat.

I know that it is greyed out but, it is working in my game and causing some miss alignment of the chat text box. I am unable to unselect it in the installer. Is there a way for me to unselect? Do I need to uninstall the mods totally?


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yeah weird.

 I do have the chat with ship names showing up and the text box is out of place and my text are very small. I went back to installer and it is definitely greyed out but it is definitely showing up in game. I tried to unselect it but since it is greyed out I can not.

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I took a print screen shot of the greyed out box with the check or highlighted selection button greyed out with the indication that it is selected, but I can not upload.


To answer your question yes the greyed out mod is checked and greyed out on the checked area also.

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That's the &&^%$*^$^%$ problem with greying out, this &$%## works like this... if you have had it selected, it will stay selected even as greyed.

Mine didn't stay selected though? (Session stats), so seems like it's not all options on the list that it happens to

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I think I got it. I used the unins001.exe for Aslain's mod pack. I believe that the new mod pack is looking at the old mod pack components and refreshing and bringing forward previously installed components. (Even though I had always checked the box for clean install) I did a an uninstall with unins001 and it removed all previous loaded versions of the mod pack from the wows folder. I then installed the current mod pack Those items that were greyed out and selected previously were no longer selected. They remained greyed out and not selectable and I do hope to see them back some day. But that is another story for another day. I do hope that the issue that I was having is helpful to some. I do hope to see the Chat by Aslain added back in as I do like to see who is and what ship is chatting in game. I will test in game and update as needed. Again thanks everyone for the replies.


To Aslain and all the modders out there please keep up the hard work and thank you for making my gaming experience more enjoyable. 

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