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Garage - Tanks & Slots GONE

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I have been playing for the last 6 hours and then all of a sudden I have lost my entire garage and slots.

The only tank that I can play is the last tank I used, but even this tank is not in my garage. 

I have done nothing at all, just played and then all of my tanks and slots just vanished after a battle.  I clean out my res_mod folder 9.14.1 and all of my tanks and slots come back..

I reinstalled my mods and again, the garage and slots are gone.


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Hm. Well, generally, the common cause when someone suddenly doesn't see their tanks, is the Reserve filter is turned on.


Yours will have it named differently, since I customized my own, but it'll most likely be the bottom one that got ticked... install the XVM garage/tank carousel again, and have a look there :)

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26 minutes ago, bubs79 said:

sorry to jump on post  but quakson can yu tell me how to  customize  the reserve   name please?

No need to say sorry, it's perfectly fine to add such a question :)


You'll need to grab a texteditor (I can recommend Notepad++, freeware!), and then head into: 

\World of Tanks\res_mods\mods\shared_resources\xvm\l10n\

and then, depending on your language, open (for example) en.xc (for English), and knock yourself out :)

And find the section starting with:     // Carousel (towards the bottom of the file)


To avoid having to do the edits every time you do a clean install, you'll need to use the custom mods folder to "install" your edited file afterwards :)

(See the custom mods folder for more info (\World of Tanks\Aslains_Custom_mods\), and if you need help on that, feel free to post, or message me privately)

2 hours ago, Shr3d said:

Awesome - Thanks for your help :)

Was it the reserve option? ;) Hehe

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