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Many mods disabled when Experimental Mod installed

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Downloaded the latest modpack today 9.15.50 and saw the Experimental Mod for Markers for Spotted and Flipped Tanks on the OTM (XMQP)  When I installed this it disabled A LOT of other mods.  When I reinstalled without this mod everything went back to normal.  Installing that mod disables the following and maybe more:


  1. Contour Icons
  2. Hitlog
  3. OTMs (puts it's own in overriding choice in modpack installer)
  4. Server Ping in Hanger
  5. Server Statistics in Hanger
  6. Hanger Clock
  7. Multirow Carousel
  8. Auto Equip
  9. Enemy Spotted Markers
  10. XVM Stats (puts it's own in overriding choice in modpack installer)
  11. Zoom settings
  12. Player's Panel and Window settings


And that is just what I noticed...could be others.  Sounds like a cool mod but not worth it if it overrides all of the stuff that it currently does.

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