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In the past, when I chose to send a chat message in battle the default was always to send it to my team.  I could tab to change the recipient to all and tab again to change the recipient to a platoon mate.  No matter what I did, the next time I wanted to send a chat message in battle the default would be to my team.


Now, the default is always the last recipient.  So, if I send a chat message to all, the next time I wish to send a message only to my team, I have to tab through to change it from all to my team.


When did this change?  Is there a way to return the behavior back to having the default recipient the friendly team instead of last used?  I do not see any such setting in the settings panel nor in the xvm possibilities in the mod pack.

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I did not even think to look at the release notes for 9.15.  Actually I suppose I simply did not think....lol.  Thanks for the help.  Sometimes I am sofa king we todd did.


Maybe this will revert back to previous behavior since I can not imagine that people are going to like this change. I know that most messages in chat in my battles are to friendly team only.  Very few are to the enemy team or from the enemy team.  Well, except of course for the ones wishing cancer on my family because I am an arty only player...lol.


 A choice of default behavior would definitely be something good to be added to XVM if possible.

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