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Anfields Vehicle and OTM format

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Hey Aslain,


So im about to convert to your pack after using Anfields since forever. However he is very insular and doesn't often respond to errors etc so i thought i would try yours.


However i have got used to his colour scheme, OTM, etc ans wondered if you could add them to your pack please. I have attached an exmaple of his setup.


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I will look at his modpack and will see what can I do. I can port his OTM instantly, but the rest is more tricky, and I don't have the installer prepared for this. The good thing is I have plans to add more custom Players Panel options, so I can make it all very similar to Andyfields.



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Hello Aslain


I P.M. ed you maybe u can remember me, brownape he the same probs with me :) i switch from  Anfield  to you to, as i typed to you in my pm that panels otms and color most are from J1mbos maybe this info will you help i sended u all .xc to btw.


ps:realy thanks that u respond on messages because no one is like you trust me :)

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Check out some of these XVM modders take on OTM: 




If you find a nice OTM download settings and copy/paste markersAliveNormal.xc into your 



If you have a copy of Anfields settings copy/paste them for exact match.

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Well playersPanels. xc and markersAliveNormal.xc is what is visible in 

that screenshot of yours (disregarding minimap).


The colors are determined to some degree by colors.xc. 


So copy those from Anfields XVM config folder into Aslains config folder, overwrite.


Keep standard icons in Aslains setup.


Cross your fingers.



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