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  I send you in last two days a notification about options of settings at ASLAIN MOD. ( SOUND OPTIONS).

  I have asked that the following updates of this way to re-enter and the three options for sound (for guns fire sound), these being: 1. SOUND BETA WOT (wot guns & hits from 0.6.7); 2. SOUND MOD BETA WOT (wot guns & hits from 0.9.13); 3. WAR THUNDER GUN SOUNDS (test version), or at least even the second version (hits from wot guns & 0.9.13). In the standard version of the game the sound when you pull especially is very unpleasant way sniper and disturbing. They were from you until recently. At the moment no longer existed in settings. That's why I ask you to re-enter these options!!!


       Yours faithfully,


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If you can find someone willing to spend a looooooooong time updating the sound mods from the old sound engine, to the new sound engine used by World of Tanks, they'll be re-added :)

Otherwise consider them abandoned by their mod authors.

(Aslain would continue to include them, if their authors hadn't abandoned them..)

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