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In TD snipe mode (Shift) , Auto body fix (X) is not working.

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in mod ,  TD auto body fix is worked. ( If you press "SHIFT" to snipe , ! mark - body fix - is auto on ).


in mod , TD audo body fix is not working. ( If you press "SHIFT" to snipe , NO ! mark , EVERYTIME IN SNIPE MODE, I HAVE TO PRESS "X: ,  VERY IRRITATIONG ).


This is not the first time.  


Everytime MODs are updated, I should check this function is working.  


If not working , remain in old AUTO BODY FIX working version .




Do U know this bug ?  


Any solution ?


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On 2016. 6. 24. at 3:47 PM, Aslain said:

You didnt attach logs, so I cannot help you for real, I must use my telepaths, shamans, and ferries to guess the problem.


The results of guessing is:




As We knows, Aslain MODs configs are heritaged from old version.


Of course disable Handshake in sniper view (TDs only) is checked.


With All same config ( dont touch anything ) ,  9.15.22  TD SNIPE MODE BODY FIX IS WORKING , 9.15.23 TD SNIPE MODE BODY FIX IS NOT WORKING.


I donw know what "logs" u means. 



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Look in Aslains signature on his reply to you above.  There is a little link  How to report a bug or issue


It is also the first thread in the Issues and Bug reporting section of the forum.  There is a wealth of information here if we only take the time to look for it.


Once you understand how everything here works, you will get help.  But, you have to give the proper information to enable the helpers.

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