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reload timer

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any chance to get OTM Reloads by ZJ back, the one that had the rotating circle

I believe in the modpack installer it says [works until 21.6.2016]

and that is the time it stopped working, been using OTM Reloads by Wotspeak and I dont like them, the numbers are too high above the tank and you have to really take your eyes off the enemy in a cqc heated battle to see the timer and its bugged anyways...it shows the shell count for enemy autoloaders like 4/4 but all too often I will see an enemy that says 1/4 or 1/6 so I go jump on him because I can afford to take a hit and I figure I would have plenty time to get 2-3 shots into him and finish him off only to find that he actually had a full clip loaded and he kills me before I can get my second shell loaded

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