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unchecked mod installed (ingame player list)

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I'm back to wot, so I downloaded the last aslain modpack and installed it. instalation went fine, no problems here (clean instalation was checked.)


the problem is: I did not choosed any in game players tab but I still got a modified one. I want to remove/disable the mod who modify the tab and keep the default one(WoT's tab)


here is a screenshot on the tab, and the logs.







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4 minutes ago, Quaksen said:

Might be related to the fact you did pick some player panel options.

Would need the magician himself, Aslain, to check this :)


I don't remember picking one but .. well I'll check again.



I checked, I didn't pick any panel BUT I pick "enemy spotted marker" which is under "players panel" ... :/ (these are the only thing boxes I checked under "panel & windows by aslain" )


no way to keep the marker without the panel?





Edit: Thanks for your speed!

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that's => these are
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I'm pretty sure I got marker AND the default panel when i played last time :) ( december 2015).


well I look at the panels and pick one, or don't pick markers at all. Thanks for your fast answer, consider this as solved

Thanks again for your work


EDIT: I'm a bit lost in all these option. I don't want stats on my panels, is there a way to disable this?

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