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Player's Panel with HP bars + dmg logs + stats (by monstrofil)

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v5.8.1.03 (14-07-2016):
- added Player's Panel with HP bars + dmg logs + stats (by monstrofil)
[attention - this mod overwrites original game files, you'll have to perform launcher integrity check in order to play a game]
[to make it work, you have to hide showing player's panel in the game options, otherwise you will see misaligned panels].

So I have been waiting for this to get updated, but reading the description and trying it out.
I must say is there any chance this will get updated to work along with having player panels enabled, and not overwriting original game files?

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I will be more specific..  You said the author wouldn't respond because he hasn't been around lately.  I pointed out that we got new code from him in the last couple of days suggesting he is still active.  You might try contacting him with a direct message or by leaving a comment on a related post on the WOWS forums.

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