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Tank carousel missing in garage

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Tried to change tanks and now i'm in a never ending "updating vehicle." Tried restarting game but same thing happens. Stuck playing Firefly :)


Trying to choose a tank through the tech tree results in this garage (second pic)


Clicking on the little "i" on the right side of the garage in the second pic results in the third pic.


Garage, Armory, Service Record, Tech Tree, Barracks, and Stronghold buttons at the top of the garage all work fine.




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Yeah. I've uninstalled Jove already. And i've completely reinstalled the WoT game already as well as reinstalling Aslain mod pack. I thought this would solve the problem. I also uninstalled the Jove through the Apps and Features in the Settings. But the problem persists.


I've also restarted the Jove installer and unchecked everything (as recommended on the forums when I searched). But the Jove crap is still in there somewhere. There is no uninstaller with the Jove mod pack.


Where is the Jove Hangar inspector in the files so I can remove it? 


I tried looking for the file at the following address:


But the is-DS85B.temp folder doesn't exist anymore....


Tried searching for the file itself in the appData folder using


But no luck.


Thanks for the fast response!

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16 minutes ago, Winterpeger said:

Have you tried deleting your WorldofTanks folder under your AppData\Roaming\Wargaming.net  folder  (not the AppData folder is normally a hidden folder).   If you delete this folder, you will have to re-do your settings in WOT.

Just tried, but the problem still there. But, I can now play my t1 now! LOL. Thanks for the suggestion though :)


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So, game works fine in SD with no mods. I then closed the game and installed the Aslain mod pack 9.15.1 and started the game. This is what pops up immediately (screenshot). How is it that after deleting the whole WoT folder, uninstalling the app, and reinstalling it does the Jove crap still pop up? I've searched my C drive for any other Jove crap and found nothing. Is there anywhere else that this info is stored?


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