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Display of medal Mod


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Hi i just been thinking maybe this mod would be a good thing to put in your mod heres the link. https://mod-wot.com/load/official_mods_for_world_of_tanks_wot/the_display_of_medals_during_the_battle_mod_for_world_of_tanks_0_9_13_wot/2-1-0-102 I figure this mod would come in handy for those who want to know when they earn a medal or some sort of ribbon. It would be useful to put it into your mod installer. :)

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1 minute ago, Quaksen said:

Been a while since it was added to the modpack.. and it's been there before that too.


It'll probably need an update for 9.17.


9.16 build 24 (26-10-2016):
- added Real time in-Battle achivements (right above garage mods)

It already is updated to 9.17 they just need to move the game to update 9.17 once it there it can be installed.

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This is a thoroughly wanted mod, it's present on Multi Pack russian mod pack. If anyone needs a link or an already extracted version, e-mail me. 
I do hope it makes it into Aslain's pack, a really good mod for the best mod pack out there.

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