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Games crashes every time after a couple of minutes

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When the first pack for 9.17 was released I decided to try realistic sounds.

Game crashed so re-installed without sounds and I still get a message saying that new sound mods have been installed (Banks.....) and have to re-boot.

Game loads in a Window not full screen, zoom does not work - sticks at x4.

Can't get any further because the game crashes and then re-loads but in a window.

Game works fine of I install a different mod pack, but if I install Aslain with a clean install it still says I have sound mods installed and needs to re-boot.

Any ideas please.



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log files
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Same here but I don't use any sound mods. Oh ... I do ... sound for Sixth Sense.

Playing the game and all of the sudden the game shuts down and restarts itself in a window followed by an error message from Windows.


I uninstalled the modpack and everything's fine again. So it has to be something within the modpack but what? That's the question. :P





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On 12/15/2016 at 4:42 PM, Quaksen said:

Most likely related to the sixth sense mod(s) you selected.


Edit: It's related to ekspoint's "sixth sense duration" mod, for example.


8 minutes ago, Wooks001 said:

Also did not have and do not have any sounds selected!!!, so why does it appear.

I already posted this :) You did select a mod that includes sound file..  though in recent installers, the sound from the "sixth sense duration" mod is disabled by default.. you may still see the message since the bnk file is still being loaded?

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I'm probably not explaining things clearly, apart from the very first time I have not selected any sound mods.

I have deleted everything and am just about to post details of the new options I've selected which work for me.

Just need to get my scanner to co-operate.

Guys if you can read my scribbling these mods works for me in Windows 7 with full HD selected in WOT.

Just start at the top and scroll down.

As and when I try other mods I'll update this post.


Aslian Mod Selections.png

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Logs are from old modpack, but I will check..... exceptionally ;)



Cannot reproduce, you are installing no sound mods, if you still see message about restarting game due to sound bank changes then you are having something wrong down there on pc.


Make sure you are installing to proper folder, and make sure you are running a game from that exact folder where you installed. Do you have multiple game instances?


Your logs are clean too, and no trace of sound mods there either....


Or some nasty antivir/sandbox....

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Thanks for the reply, don't understand why the logs are old, just installed v4. I will have another look.

The game is now working again after the following changes:-


removed red alert sound.

removed cross hair.



failed to find white deathtracks.

same problem crashing after a couple of minutes, game auto re-starts but fails to load.


removed skins

removed no fog



failed to find Aslain simple icons


But. I was able to re-enter the battle, and have had no problems for the last few games.

I have checked the log files and times match my last battle.




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If you still have this problem, use the command line switch -ClientGraphicsAPI  d3d10 (or d3d9) on a Worldoftanks.exe shortcut, *not* the launcher shortcut. One way to do this would be to create the shortcut inside the WoT folder, then every time the game is opened it may use the shortcut options.

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