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XVM Network Services inactive

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Hello,  I downloaded the 03 mudpack this morning US mirror #1 using direct. Install went well as expected.

Once I launched the game I noticed that the XVM notification came up with "Network Services Inactive"  (It was working prior to this)

 I double checked my XVM account and reset it for the 13days

cycled the Tanks client and still received that message.


I'm attaching the required logs and hope this is a simple fix.


Please let me know if you require any other info.





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Sorry for the delayed reply(tis the dam season  :))


I did as you instructed and deleted the

8 hours ago, Aslain said:



folder under patch #03 and cycled the client.  Did not make a difference.


I then downloaded patch #04 and did a clean install to it, No difference.


Also the XVM log is empty.


Please advise next step(s)




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Still not stats? Have you visited XVM website to check if it's not deactivated by accident? (I had it once few days ago), same problem like yourself, and it fixed it for me + cleaning up xvm cache.


xvm.log should not be empty, that is a sign of local problems (admin rights, permissions, antivir and what not)

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31 minutes ago, Dethtoad said:

Hello,  I'm happy to report that for whatever reason that did fix it.  It looked as if it was stuck on the XVM side.  I hit the activation and then when and started the client

this morning and viola.


Thanks for your patience.



remember and do it every 2 weeks 

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