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Non-XVM contour icon problem

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I'm sorry if this has been reported already. I checked the recent patch notes and the bug forum, but saw no mention of it.


The non-XVM contour icons with roman tiers doesn't seem to be working. When installing them the default WoT contour icons show up instead. I tested the non-XVM 3D icons with roman tiers to make sure it wasn't some compatibility issue with other mods and they seem to be working just fine (except for the default roman numeral tier being drawn on top of the icons, but I'm not sure if that can be removed without XVM).


I don't know how long they have been broken for because I used to run the XVM version (which was working fine), but decided to play without XVM now.




Left: Non-XVM contour icons with roman tiers. Broken.

Right: Non-XVM 3D icons with roman tiers. Working fine. Here you can also see the double roman tiers showing up that I wrote about.


Both are installed with the same settings/mod configuration. The logs I attached are from the Non-XVM contour icons with roman tiers installation.



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Okay, I managed to fix it.


If anyone is having the same problem here's how:

Install the non-xvm 3D icons. Then install the non-xvm contour icons in another folder and copy all the files in res_mods\\gui\maps\icons\vehicle\contour over to your 3D installation. Then go into res_mods\\gui\flash\atlases and copy battleAtlasAlly.png and vehicleMarkerAtlasAlly.png over to your 3D installation as well and rename them BattleAtlas.png and vehicleMarkerAtlas.png


Also, thank you Quaksen. I usually just change the alpha on them in the XVM config when I'm using that. I had no idea that option existed.


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I think it's happening again. I seem to have the roman numeral tank tiers interfering with the contour mods even with the check box unchecked in the options.



Edit: I only see them on the "Tab" score panel, the panels on either side while playing are fine.

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