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Detailed Damage Indicator [Change Position]

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So in the installer description it said you could change the position of the damage logger.. but can't find what section to edit.
Looking for X, Y but I only see pixel.. Any help? :-D

Just for the sake of saving time, if anyone can tell me bottom left corner near the compass.. would appreciate it! :-)

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                <style> <!-- coordinates / position -->
                    <marginTop value="45px"/>
                    <marginLeft value="300px"/>
                    <width value="200px"/>
                    <fontSize value="16"/>


I haven't used the mod, but going by the comment line, it's probably this section you need to change.

X, Y, or pixels, would end up being the same thing in the end, pretty much.


marginTop moves it 45 pixels down from the top of the screen

marginLeft moves it 300 pixels into the screen


So based on your own resolution you run your game at, you'd need to adjust both of them.


You'd need to increase marginTop.. depends on your resolution :)

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