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File Blocked During Installation

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This issue surfaced with version "-23".  The mod installs fine except my Norton antivirus program now blocks and removes the"nestedfolderrenametool.exe" file after mod package installation.  Game loads, runs fine without it or it seems to anyway.  I acknowledge your warning about antivirus software but thought as an FYI you might be interested in case anybody else reports this item.  I did run a scan with my Norton antivirus program on the installer package as downloaded prior to running it and Norton did not report any issues listing the installer package as unsafe.  I downloaded a file from USA mirror #2 and from eu mirror #2 just as a check and both files came up the same for the blocked file after installation.  Go figure.




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Just went and unchecked all mods on v24 to uninstall and clean out the Aslain cache completely, and Norton flagged and blocked it again if that helps. 

Just now, Quaksen said:

Heuristic scanning ends up producing false-positives, such as that one you and someone else got.


As the file name suggests, it's for folder renaming - and I'm sure Aslain can tell more about it :)



Thanks - yes, some Google searching shows that same topic, but no definitive answer. I haven't seen this in all the times using the mods, so thought I would pass this along to make sure there wasn't an issue.

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If you bring up the details of the Norton warning, you have the option to white-list the file (always allow it to run). That's what I did.


I also always right-click on the installer and choose "Run as Administrator" to give it enough permissions to change files, etc.

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