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I think this is a wot bug ,  in the tech tree  every premium tank is visible   even the ones that aren't available now.

I have tried both tech tree mods  but they r all still there.

I tried  susing the custom tech tree and configurating to show only the tanks  I have ,  but  every single tank  is showing , no matter wat I do it never  gets rid of the prem tanks or hidden tanks

just wondering if anyone else is having this issue

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3 minutes ago, Quaksen said:

with Johny_Bafak's Tech Tree, you should be able to turn off those tanks just fine...


Using the menu in the bottom right corner, at the notification center... or pressing F8 while Tech Tree is open, should work too.


I was using that mod for awhile until this issue appeared ,  I was unticking the boxes etc , and  the tanks were still there , I switched to the other mod , same issue ,  went back to vanilla tech tree and the issue is still there

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ill add my  logs







Just now, Quaksen said:

You sure you don't have a tech tree mod installed? Otherwise those tanks shouldn't be showing up.. unless XVM team added something I don't know about, hehe.

 I looked through my python log and found this 


2017-01-13 14:10:26.740: INFO: [XFW] Loading mod: xvm_techtree (http://www.modxvm.com/) 


but looking through config files I cant see it anywhere

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