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Zoom stuck almost every game

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Do you have other files named _Aslains_Installer in the WoT folder?

The most important one is Aslains_Installer_Options.inf


What's your problem with zoom in/zoom out?

Can you not use scroll wheel to switch between the two? (zoom out, and then zoom in to sniper mode?)

Check your WoT settings - if you enabled the part requiring shift press to switch, that'll be why. :)

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Hi with last 2 updates I have the following problem. Zoom stuck almost every game. Just want to zoom, can do it for some time a than it stuck. Leaving and entering the zoom mode does not help.


Edit: When using the last update I have also problem when launching the game. It takes much more time than it did before. I see my tank, the enviroment, everything generally but get stuck on spawn place and cant move.



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         Ukazatel týmových HP
            Sledování bitvy (od Armagomen)
               HP bar style
                  HP bar style: normal
               s podrobnými informacemi pøi zmáèknutí ALT
               Barevné ikony tøíd

That section (I think... Google Translate suggested it was, hehe)

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Managed to reproduce this problem, using different mod setup than this posted here, still investigating it, but so far it's hard to tell why this happens, this seem to be random, not every battle, that's why it makes it very hard to troubleshoot.


Merged too similar topics.

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