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Changes to my setup aren't showing up

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I only play WOT about once a week. Every time WOT upgrades I have to download and install a new version of Aslain. Not a big problem.


This last time, however, I go through the setup process and all is well except the pre-battle box and the "stats" listing. What I want to see are full names of the players, the tier of a tank and the tank name. And I'd like to have all the tiers have their own colors.


I DO NOT want to see the silhouette of a tank. And yet, no matter what setup I pick I see pretty much the same setup every time. Everything else — gunsight, hit and damage panels, etc. is fine.


Help and thanks.

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More specifically this part of it:

- attach file _Aslain_logs.zip and python.log (both located directly in WoT folder) [MANDATORY!]

(and if you do not have Aslain_logs.zip for whatever reason, there should be some other files named Aslains Installer, the most important one is Aslains Installer Options and CompList)



Something has to be going wrong, otherwise it makes no sense for you to see no changes at all..

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Specifically, I want what is labeled, I believe, as the 3D images that are rectangular and have a cropped version of a vehicle and the vehicle's name. During setup I select that option every time and I never see it.


What I continually get are gray silhouettes of tanks. There is no text description of the tank. There is no tier designation.


I'm not too particular about all the statistics that show up, either before the game starts or during combat. I do like to see a player's full name, not  something that's been abbreviated after eight or nine letters.


What troubles me is that I've used your mods for at least two years without a problem. Sometimes I'll have to run the installer a couple times to get everything the way I want. But with this latest update I can make all the changes that I want to make but the pre-battle and battle player names, statistics and tanks are not what I selected. It's 4 or 5 columns with the gray silhouettes of tanks and no indication of tiers or the name of the tank.


I play on a 17-inch Mac laptop that I use for my work. I boot into Windows 7 when I want to play WOT so I can't just check it out at the drop of the hat. As I've said, I've always been able to change the setup but not now.


Tonight I'll try to get some screenshots.



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The panel on preview picture represents just general look of selected panel, it doesn't mean it will be 100% like on this pic regarding icons, if you want that particular contour icons you need to select them in proper section. They don't come with selected panel.

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In the latest logs you uploaded, you didn't have any contour icons selected. Which is why you're just seeing the grey tank instead of something else.


In this section (selected options in the screenshot, is what matches the screenshot/preview of the panels, in your post):


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