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Several Display Bugs

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Hey Aslain,


newest WoT EU Patch and Modpack #5. Clean install and cleaned mod cache folder.


As you can see on the screenshot: The extended aiminfo is overlapping and the mod left of the minimap doesnt show me any armor info anymore.


While ingame and I lost/won another match, Yasenkrasens-Mod just show win or loss. I saw on his screenshots that it's possible to see extended stats also. How to activate that?


Multilog in the upper right corner is cutted too. Can only read WN8 and EFF.





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I deleted WG.FM Radio since it turned out it didn't work anyway. When I clicked on the settings button in the main menu it loaded forever.


After completly disabling "Team HP Pool Bar" everything worked as before.


So I have to wait for an update there?

What about the Yasenkrasen-Mod?

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I am unsure if the problem lays in Battle Observer, I belive it's caused by Arty Log. When I loaded same mods as you on Win10, I had no problems until I wanted to exit the battle, all I saw was black screen and only pc reset helped out.


As for YasenKrasen, show me on picture how do you see the end of battle notification?

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Just now, Aslain said:

As for YasenKrasen, show me on picture how do you see the end of battle notification?

The battle notification, by default, in the latest YasenKrasen, just says if it's win/loss/draw. He removed the other bits. Can see those after battle anyways.


Not sure what screenshots he's talking about... there's no screenshots showing battle notifications ingame on the forum thread for it.. hmm :)

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I never had any problems with "Arty Log Mod". Working since weeks with my configuration. After deleting that one also, the same problem proceeded.


I checked the screenshots of YasenKrasen's-Mod and I must have thought about that by looking at the screens. So my mistake, all good. :blush:


The problem got fixed by another mod I use which is not in the pack. Updated to the latest version and everything is back to normal.


Thread can be closed. Thanks for your support. :)

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