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No Gunsounds and Weird Hangar in game

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Hi Man,


Just installed your newest update and something seems to be broken now.


No more gun sounds - i selected the Gnomefather Historical Realism Gun Sounds (By Zorgane). Before doing this update it worked.

I changed it to Blitzkrieg  (by cwjan90) now and still no gunsound.


And the Hangar's background / lookout is kinda tripping.


Sixth sense sound not working anymore as well.


No sound in loading game screen too before login.



When i now take the War Thunder sounds, gunsounds work again and the loading screen sound works again too.


Btw i cannot find the aslain log zip file. anywhere on my disk. 





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Played 3 battles in your mod setup, no problems :/ On which tank do you have no sounds?


What I reproduced is sound error spam, I will try to follow this track.


edit: remove Gun sounds and check in battle, but yeah it's the gun sounds, I don't experience such problems but error spam is too big, the mod will be removed.

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