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Some question about aslain mod?

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What do I have to change, that I got the normal battle loading screen (without the xvm-statics)?

and ingame all the xvm-statics are for me without any sence or not important. I just wanna have a crosshair, a outher hangar with some Options (techlevel), a nice minimap

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Nothing you can do via installer, I don't provide battle loading without stats, even if you don't install them, you will get a default version that contains stats.


You would have to manualy edit battleloading.xc and remove all stats from there.


Not sure what do you want from other places, but if you don't want to see stats, disable them globaly on XVM websit profile.

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7 minutes ago, Mattmax said:

is it possible to add another team hp bar like this one:



found it here: [0.9.13] Team HP bars


Pretty sure that particular look doesn't exist anymore.

It's the old Team HP Pool, now called Battle Observer. The closest you'll get is the Battle Observer hp bar style normal, I think.

(Since the link you provide, links onwards to Battle Observer) :)

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