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Clan message Channel issue .

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How come each every time I go to type messages to my clan members . I can see them message me but when I go into battle and when the battle is over . The massages that the clan members and I had is gone .All of the messages had been erase or deleted I'm looking at a blank screen.

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That sounds like the usual chat bug.


It's in the game since i started playing the WoWS open beta.

The problem occurs in all of the official chat-channels ingame.


A Community Coordinator once said, that WG wants it that way.

Every now and then the chat-history will be erased to save bandwidth etc.


IMHO WG thinks that this minor bug isn't worth to get fixed.

funfact: the chat used in WOT doesn't behave like this,

cause it's build on a different backend.

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