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Custom ingame Report system


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Hey Aslain!

I saw this picture a couple of days ago and I though "lol, that's really funny" So my request/question is if it's possible to make additional report causes. I understand if you don't want to spend your time to do this thing but if you atleast know how to do it could you maybe tell me what files I should go and edit in?

Hope you understand what my request is and that you can help me :)

Regards Sw3_own_U




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  • Administrator

Even if you could mod the list to look like this, it would never be compatible with WG report system. Report system is not customizable, you cannot send to WG whatever you want, and expect them to receive it. It's probably a hoax like Quaksen suggested.

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Yeah, I were afriad that it wasn't a real thing and that someone had used some sort of editing software but it's still a cool thing.

Maybe it's possible to change the text, for example the "Insults and provocations" bar says "FU matchmaking" instead?

Thx for the previous answers Quaksen and Aslain.

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