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Zoom mod legal in EU?

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Hey Aslain and thanks again for the great work you do for us players!


I have a few questions:


WoT is getting better and better meeting the players demands ingame, so i wondered if i can download only the ingame colours for each kind of tanks?

Basecally all i think i need now is the colours (WOTs grey ones suck), your aim circle, the other view for Arty, and be able to zoom out far to see the map.

Is it possible only to download that and is the zoom out on map legal on EU servers?

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1 hour ago, Sovgodt said:

Can i also DL the colours as standalone?

You should be able to just get contours, and select the non-XVM option in the same section.


Then you'll have contour icons (instead of the boring grey ones) and whatever else you select, without XVM, if you don't want that :)

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