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Barracks and consumables issues in garage

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I had few issues today after new update.


1. Barracks show only All, not individual countries

2. Can't put new crew members on tanks, got a new tank but can't put anyone in it.

3. Can't enable auto reload consumables.

4. Can't attach any items on tanks: Binoculars, camonet etc.

5. After first error occurs,  viewin tank in garage it doesn't show anymore ammuniiton on those little screens where u can see attached items and consumables.


In gameplay haven't seen any issues, only in garage. But those issues makes it really hard to play.


Also had one issue for a long time. My minimap is always like zoomed. It covers the whole right bottom corner. I have hotkey for zoom, but it doesn't do anything. It stays zoomed even after new game version come up, and even if I download and reinstall Modpack. I always delete old files before installing new. I don't have any other modpack in use than Aslains.


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