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How to create a mod?

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i would like to know if it is possible and then how to create a mod for this game by yourself. I desperately need to get rid of some stuff on the HUD to avoid eye stress/pain because it's highly invasive for my max resolution.
Already asked on the official forum section but no answers given.

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thanks for answering. Here is my examples' list in order of priority:

- Completely removing the phrases "Weapons locked on bearing/sector" or having an option to move them away from center of screen.
- Moving the chat in top left corner instead to have it in the middle since it cover my aim. Most of the time i have enemy ships under it and i need to zoom out when i actually need full zoom.
- Same for ribbons you are collecting in that moment, moving them from center to top right but under the list of ribbons already collected.
- Moving phrases like "Capturing..." from center to under ammo/consumables icons
- Ability to reduce compass' size and stuff around it, like a whole block (like min map):
- Moving "located" icon from center to side or between consumables and mini map
- Reducing icons' sizes (ammos/consumables block, armament, icons upon players, flags/caps icons)

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7 hours ago, randomplayer said:

I will give try, but,  is it safe to do any change? I mean, do i risk any ban for "cheating" if the game recognize that i did modify that file?

Thank you again.

That file is already being modified by one or more mods in the modpack, and I don't think there's anything remotely close to a cheat option in that file. :)

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