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FPS Issues since 0.6.4

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I'm having serious fps issues when I install the mod with WOWS.  It's only happening when I have the mod install as when I delete it, it goes away.

Anyone else having this FPS issue.  I don't have fps turned on, on the mod but on or off it's still giving me like 78 then 15 then 25 then back to 65 etc.  So it's really jerky during gameplay.





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"The mod" is a bit broad, since it's a modpack, and contains multiple mods, that you pick and choose from.

You'll need to attach log files, if you want it checked, otherwise it's pure guesswork what combination you installed to get those issues.


Personally, have no issues with fluctuating FPS, but again, my setup is probably different from yours, both computer and mods selected.

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I have GeForce GTX 1070 and i5-6990K, when loaded same mods like you I'm getting 58fps by majority of battle, sometimes it jumped up to 70ish, then dropped to 58, but nothing else is happening. I play on max settings.


I can only advise to update all your pc drivers, ultimately reduce mods amount.

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But when I try to do the fps mod it goes down to 10 to 20 fps.  It was working flawless at 120 then after 6.4 it dropped off the table.  Not sure what happened from then to now...Thanks for the advise.  Just wanted to give a heads up


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