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scroll out of sniper! pEw PeW

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Once again a great addition to the wot community! so kudos Aslain :)


I have the issue that when i snap to sniper mode i am unable to scroll out using mouse wheel. I this something i can fix in a file somewhere or does it need to be a mod alteration in your pack?





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Hi, thanks for the prompt reply.


I never had that checked. I did however have a look at the file camera.xc and set the camera enabled from false to true and now i can zoom in and out of sniper mode and also snap in and out of sniper mode but now i have lost the extended zoom out... doh! thoughts?


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after what you said re pmod, i had a look and checked the file zoomdistance.json


In there the 'enabled' had all been set to false. so set them to true and i now have the full zoom in / zoom out capabilities as well as being able to snap and snap out of sniper along with scroll in and out of sniper....


think that solves my issues....not sure if it is something that can be added as part of your mod pack?



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