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Ship names on map no longer show on Alt-key

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I think it was one of the minimap mods that added the feature to toggle the ship names on the minimap when the alt-key was pressed. Was this function removed or is it bugged out? If I want to show/hide the ship names on the minimap I now have to do it the "old" way of going into the game settings menu.

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The mod was updated at some point, and things changed...


One of the old tags doesn't work anymore, from what I could gather from the config...


You can try going into it, and changing, switchOnHold="false" to true. (Or maybe it's the active part... I'm not sure tbh.)


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But isn't the problem with that that it overwrites the whole config file? When the mod changes and adds new parameters for example they get lost immedtiately, because they don't exist in my "old" config. Is there a way to create a kind of a "patch" file? Or can I create a file that only contains that single setting (in the correct XML-tree position), which gets loaded later and "soft overwrites" the option?

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It will overwrite that mod config with your one.


I see no problem with that, at first install the mod via installer, take it's config, mod it, zip and place to custom install folder and you shouldn't have any problems with overwritting original config since it will contain all changes you want.


Currently there is no other way, no patch file or soft overwritting.

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