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Maybe a bug on v6.8.0 #00 (20-07-2017)

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Initially the game was just stuck on the pre battle screen although I could hear the sound of engine, hydro, radar etc. But I could not see the in battle screen at all. Assumed there's something wrong with the game or the modpack so I uninstalled it (the modpack). I played 1 battle after uninstalling and it worked, but on the second one I tried the game stuck again on the pre battle screen. Installed back again the modpack and it worked ok. Now I am confused though. Is it Aslain, is it the game? I don't know but I ll keep testing. for as long as I can.


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I am on unstable internet connection for next 2-3 weeks and unable to log to port and play a battle but when watching a replay I got no issues with your mod setup.


Try to check game integrity via launcher then re-install the modpack.

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I am also using the Dotted Green sights from Mankunianec. After their latest version for 0.6.8 patch of the game I started having the problem I mentioned above. So after some testing I ended up with Aslain's only installed and the problem was fixed. So it was not Aslains at least for the options I am using.

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