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Downloading Clan Icons

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in the past when I patched the Aslain WOT Mod Installer I would download all the clan Icons for my server.  These typically display in the Player panels at the start of a match and during one. The recent patches don't seem to do this and now I can't see anything but a couple of the icons.  I don't even see my own Icon.


Am I missing a tick box in the setup screen or is there a way to force the installer to download all the clan icons for the server?

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The clan icon packs were removed, as far as I'm aware, since they were incomplete and broken.


They take FOREVER to update, and even a fresh update was wrong. So they were removed. You can still see top 1000 clans I think, if you set that on the XVM website.

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You can still find the outdated clan icon file on Curse... some clan icons have changed since then, but they work. Make sure that you use the Aslains_Custom_mods folder so they update each time you update the modpack.




Oops, just saw that you're on the Asia server...


If you are only interested in seeing your clan-mates' clan icon, you could only place your icon there... also use the custom mods folder to keep them appearing.

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