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Latest modpack causes executables to disappear

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When I run the latest version of the Modpack installer, it causes many executables (programs) to disappear. For example, Razer Synapse, MS Excel, Spotify, FireFox, Google Chrome.

Even games in Steam are disappearing, i.e. the .exe files are deleted.


I had to run a Recovery to a System Point to get them back. I have never had any issues previouysly. AVG, Malwarebytes all report no issues with the installer.

I have installed other software such as EVGA Precision X and no issues. It's repeatedly the Aslain ModPack installer that causes this.


I have disabled AVG, Malware Bytes and Advanced System Care (the only software's running that may cause this) this still happens, there is not any logs about files being quarantined in either software.


The only common thing is running the Modpack Installer.


Any clues to what might be going on?



Best Regards,


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Hi there,


Thank you for replying.


I didn't think it was the modpack, what was strange was that it was triggered when installing the modpack (and not other installs).


Unfortunately I was unable to find out what was causing this, but had to do a clean install and now everything is running as it should.


Best Regards,


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Did you do a complete clean install of Windows and everything?

And even if you did or did not do that - I would recommend doing a virus scan, of all harddrives connected to the computer, to rule that out - just in case - better safe than sorry. :)


Could have been something lurking, that was triggered in some way.

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